Got a request? Because honestly, there isn't much we don't do. The categories below will provide an overview of our general services, but keep in mind... the sky is the limit! For example, we've:

  • Made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Jabbawockeez dance crew.
  • Coordinated a grand entrance/exit via Ferrari through the middle of a public park.
  • Designed, produced, displayed, and distributed 500 custom Rubik's cubes.


The perfect event venue can become your "home away from home" in just a few short (or long) days. Whether you are learning the shortcuts through the back hallways of a hotel, climbing into the rafters of an event space, or pacing the halls of the convention center.

  • General selection logistics, including site visits, contract negotiation, 24 hour holds, "war room" space, storage and shipping, and insurance requirements
  • Hotel meeting space, including floor plans, meeting rooms (general session and breakouts), meals and breaks, evening receptions
  • Off-Site event space, including all selection logistics, layout, setup and breakdown, transportation, and load-in procedures,
  • Hotel sleeping rooms, including VIP suites, room blocks, personalized confirmations, RSVP management, online registration, red-eye arrivals, and special requests

Event Management

When you boil it all down, "event management" seems like it would emcompass everything we do! We work with our client as their partner, helping out wherever is needed and allowing their internal resources to be reallocated to additional projects. While on-site, we're the ones doing whatever it takes - checking that meals are set, doors are unlocked, and that the reserved signs are correctly in place. We also oversee registration, the staff office, and field guest questions as they arise. Let's just say, our Fitbit is quite pleased after a few days on-site.

  • Advance Registration, including invitation and website design, site proof-reading and editing, room block management (including confirming red-eye arrivals and adjusting check-in dates), individual guest response, customized email confirmation, VIP management and flight tracking
  • On-Site Registration, including unpacking marketing materials, organizing namebadges, creating guest packets, customizing VIP details, distributing information at check-in, assisting and directing guests, confirming schedules, event staffing
  • Running the "Show," including timeline creation, rehearsal and sound check, seating charts, stage management
  • Capturing the Moment, with a photographer, videographer, green screen, interviews, candid shots, large group photo, headshots, custom print-outs, summary video, slideshow


While we wear many hats, one of our favorite's is that of "interior designer." There is almost nothing better than getting to start with a blank space, then finding the ideal linen color palate, to be paired with candles, flowers, plants, furniture, pillows and more! Of course, we work in fully outfitted venues as well, and make sure that all our accents clearly communicate your brand so that the space is transformed into a unique, customized space.

  • Tabletop Design, including linen, floral centerpieces, candles, lanterns, seasonal decor (such as pumpkins, holiday trees, etc), charger plates (these look great branded with a logo!), napkins, printed items (including menus, table numbers, and place cards), branded glassware, giveaways
  • Items Around the Room, including plants, lounge furniture, custom seating, drapery, props, photo booth
  • Always Considering, brand color coordination, logo integration, product placement, company values, event theme


Whether you are looking for a featured performance or entertainment to fade into the background, Full Circle can find the perfect option for your group. From music to comedy to headline acts, guests will have a blast watching in amazement, dancing all night, or becoming the star of the show!

  • Background and regional music, including jazz, bluegrass, Cajun/zydeco, Appalacian, international (such as Celtic, flamenco, and mariachi)
  • DJ and emcee services , including karaoke
  • Celebrity performers, including dance crews, musicians/bands, comedians, and hynotists
  • Interactive performances, including aerobics classes (such as Zumba), dance lessons, face painting, game shows, magic, and hypnotism
  • International acts, such as Brazilian samba, Indian Bollywood, Chinese fan dancers, and Irish clogging
  • Circus-inspired, such as aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, and stilt walkers
  • Specialty actors, including living tables, themed characters, faux paparazzi, and singing waiters

Technical Elements

Sometimes it's the little things that make an event run smoothly, and that's where the technical components are king. Making sure all the "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed is crucial to success in the audio/visual department. From grand displays to ambient atmosphere, we make sure turn the lights on and display your branding, front and center!

  • Sound, including speakers, digital mixers, amplifiers and subwoofers, confidence monitors, microphones
  • Video, including HD monitors, flexible screens, LED panels, live stream feeds, seamless switching, photo slideshows, slide presentations
  • Projection, including video mapping, HD, rear screen access, social media ticker, and live presentations
  • Lighting, including stage wash, uplights, follow spots, ambient room glow, branded gobos, and moving heads
  • Staging, including risers, stairs, railings, backdrops, screen surrounds and dress kits, podium, teleprompter, digital timer, and panel furniture
  • Entertainment rider, including technical requests, backline, Kabuki reveal, fog machine, and hospitality
  • Electrical needs, including phase-3 systems, portable generators, code adherence, and in-house regulations
  • Internet, including portable routers, 4G wireless services, and in-house connections
  • Technical team, including stagehands, lighting designers, stage managers, audio and video controllers, and on-site support


It's not always as easy as simply getting from "Point A" to "Point B," but we are here to help! Whether you want to drive, bike, fly, or even Segway, you'll be covered! Got 1 person or 1,000 - we'll make sure everyone makes it to the party in style!

  • Airport transfers, including individual pickups, group shuttles, VIP passengers, and greeters
  • Group transportation, including bussing, dine arounds, off-site events, and spouse outings
  • Branded vehicles, including fully wrapped buses, localized branding, taxi "toppers" and on-screen advertising
  • Event parking and valet services
  • Specialty services, including luxury vehicles, watercraft, and private helicopters
  • Travel assistance, including boarding pass printing and flight confirmation

Food and Beverage

We love food. No, really - eating is one of our favorite things. And when we get to rent a restaurant, design custom menu, or schmooze with the best chefs in Atlanta, it warms our soul like a hot cup of tea! Please, let us eat with you!

  • Menu planning, including appetizers, buffet selections, action stations, and served dinners
  • Customized beverage selection, including wine pairings, custom specialty drinks, hand-crafted cocktails
  • Interactive elements, including chef demonstrations, mixology classes, and celebrity chef meet-and-greets
  • Restaurant rental, including venue selection, site visits, room layout, passed food and drink, service staff, and course timing
  • Specialty options, including food trucks, local items, culinary competitions, themed menus, custom drink tickets

Tradeshow and Convention

Our first piece of advice: when it comes to shoes at a convention, sacrifice style for comfort! Tradeshows are a great way to promote your brand, so why shorten precious networking time in order to oversee carpet installation, frame building, and waiting indefinitely for material handling to deliver all shipped items. Whether your booth is big or small, we'll design an inviting and customized space that will be the talk of the town.

  • Booth design, including concept creation, layout, installation, dismantling, and storage
  • Vendor management, including sourcing, contracts, and insurance
  • Show regulations, including union rules, in-house mandatory elements, convention app, and drayage
  • Auxiliary spaces, including interview areas, sponsored lounges, and team break rooms
  • Show staffing and concessions
  • Creation, printing, and distribution of branded giveaways and marketing materials

Additional Activities

Tired of staying in the hotel or convention center? Want to get out and explore a new city? Got a hankering for the best local cuisine? We can help with all of that - and we might tag along! Whether it's a group tour organized for all of the guests, an exclusive dining experience, or a casual day at the mall, we can create an experience celebrating whichever region you are visitig!

  • Dining options, including location restaurant recommendations, group reservations, private dining rooms, and full buyouts
  • Museums and culture, including private tours, discounted tickets, historical sights, and costumed historical guides
  • Tours, including walking, segway, bus, bike, boat, or even helicopter!
  • Team-building, including volunteering and charity projects, obstacle and ropes courses, scavenger hunts, cooking competitions, wine tastings, and arts and crafts classes
  • Free time suggestions, including spouse outings, shopping trips, sporting events, and parks and zoos